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  Hi! My name is Amanda Jane if that wasn't obvious. I am a mom of 4 wonderful children. Sometimes it is hard for me to find the time to read, but I try every day. When I am not reading and blogging about what I read, I am crocheting or working as an independent consultant for Jamberry.
   I honestly believe that everyone is a reader they just haven't found their story yet. My stories are usually paranormal romance but I will read almost anything. Yes, there are books that I will not read.I prefer everyone being in love and all that romance nonsense you hear people talk about all the time.
   How did I get started in blogging? I met the amazing and awesome author Robin Burks and after speaking with her she said you should share your love of reading with everyone and start a blog. That was in 2015! I took her advice and here we are.
    Please enjoy yourself while visiting Country Reads.

            Amanda is the author of the Realm of Nightmares Series. She lives in the Rhondda Valleys of South Wales with her partner. For most of the time when she is not writing, she is usually lost in the world of peer reviews for many of her author friends. Amanda enjoys all genres of the book world but has a particular passion for the world of horror.

     Hi, my name is Michele Del Rey. I am from Pennsylvania. I love books, have since I was 16. My first novel ever was Danielle Steel and I found it in my mom's closet. I love lighthouses and my niece Abigail. My obsession is Jamie Dornan, I have seen 50 shades 1 and 2 about 200 times no lie. Thank you and happy reading.


  1. Review Request "So I Might Be A Vampire" By Rodney V. Smith

    Dear Amanda Jane,

    My name is Rodney V. Smith, and my novel, So I Might Be a Vampire, has just been published by Lost Bajan Publishing. The release date is set for February 13, 2018. Given your love of the paranormal, I thought my novel might be right up your alley.

    So I Might Be a Vampire tells the story of newly minted vampire Bob, who is not having the greatest time adapting to his new life as a vampire.

    Everybody hopes that if they somehow get transformed into a vampire, they will instantly become some kind of superhero vampire out of the movies. Bad news guys: not gonna happen. More likely than not, you’re gonna be one of the poor clueless bastards hanging out on Thursday nights with Bob in his vampire support group.

    You may think you know what being a vampire is supposed to be like, but Bob is here to set you straight. He’s made it his personal mission to get answers about the reality of being a vampire. He’s been shot, stabbed, thrown off rooftops, survived bad coffee and endured crippling boredom - all in the name of answering the eternal question of what it means to be a vampire.

    Website: www.soyoumightbeavampire.com
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ChasingTheSunSeries
    Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/rodneyvsmith

    Lost Bajan Publishing (www.lostbajanpublishing.ca)
    ISBN: 978-1775007203 (hardcover)
    ISBN: 978-1775007210 (paperback)
    ISBN: 978-1775007234 (for ebook)

    Publication date: February 13, 2018
    410 pages

    I’ve been writing screenplays for 10 years, most recently scripting the supernatural-detective noir web series “Dominion” and three seasons of the award nominated science fiction series “Out of Time”.

    If you’d like to receive a copy for possible review, I’d be glad to send you an e-book (your choice of .pdf, .epub, or .mobi), or a paperback.

    Thank you for your time! I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,
    Rodney V. Smith

  2. Hello,

    I found your blog on Book Blogger List, under Horror.

    I see you do author spotlights.

    Do you ever do cover reveals, release blitzes, or promo tour posts?

    My next book, The Crossing, is releasing on Jan. 5 and I am looking for blogs interested in the above.

    If you could let me know if that sounds like something you would be interested in, I would appreciate it.

    I look forward to your response, and thank you for considering my request.

    All the best,

    E. H. James

  3. Hello there!

    Hope you are doing good. I have a request for you. I have a new upcoming book called

    Incrusted: Hiding the demon within

    I was hoping you could review it. It is an arc copy.. here is the book preview

    My bewildered eyes flickered with an orange glow as something inside
    me craved for another drop of blood. The red liquid's rusty and salty
    taste was nothing less than heaven to me...wait..what heaven? there
    wasn't any heaven for someone like me...

    Yes, I was that unique breed, the 'werepire' a rare and powerful one
    that was made from a deadly and impossible combination. My powers
    could destroy all the night creatures of this world. I was nothing
    more than a sin to them.

    My life was at peace when I was just an innocent college going girl;
    soon things turned upside down when a handsome vampire saw a side of
    me that no one could ever fathom. His sexy charms took my breath away.
    I fell for him hard and fast, without having the slightest idea that
    he was only designed to kill.

    At the other end was another night creature, the successor of the
    werewolf clan, he too had his eyes on me. His raw, rugged look and
    caring persona made me feel safe...but how could I be sure that he
    wasn't an enemy?

    I am desperately trying to seek some answers, whilst my unknown
    enemies are on the prowl to destroy me, if I want to survive them, I
    need to know myself first.

    Join Ingrid in her exciting game of life and death and see how she
    plays with her own fate!

    Please let me know where to send the free copy, I will be more than happy to send you the book. The book is available in pdf/mobi/epub formats.
    My book is scheduled to be launched on 16 Jan 2016. I hope you can find time in your schedule to finish it before. However, it is a short read(20k ). Most of my readers finished it in 2-3 hours!

    Annora Wilson

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  5. Would you like a FREE e-copy of FOXAVIER LOVES PLINKA, the funny tale of love and cookies?


    Here are some Amazon reviews:
    "Scott's book has opened my eyes to some of the realities to things we have fallen asleep about what the government is doing to our food supply, services that are not being implemented. It makes me more aware of concerns you need to be aware about to protect your health. Thanks you for your hard biting, truthful, satire of things we have fallen asleep to.
    Easy read, hilarious, connected flowing really well. Dedicates to talking about religioun without being offensive. Open your eyes to things you have been taught about historical religions."
    Review from William Turner of Rochester NY 4/15/18


    (Five Stars) “A whimsical tale from an institute that would have Ken Kesey Cuckoo with jealousy. From the twisted (in the BEST way) mind of Scott Evans comes this soon to be classic tale of love and cookies."


    "Scott Evans' flowing narrative is engaging and absorbing and creates instant empathy for this love-lorn protagonist who is riding the ups and downs of an unstable relationship while managing life on the margins of a gray city. He paints a mini-community of vivid personalities, each with their own challenges. And then he stirs in the madness of corporate beasts, that puts the individual characters issues in a new perspective." Kindle Verified Purchase --


    "... resurrected the Beat Generation style of narrative, where those "beat down" by society search for answers but never find them; filter this through a neurotic worldview . . . a unique story unlike anything else I've ever read: laugh-out-loud funny, tear-jerkingly sad, with deep philosophy chaotically jumbled with madcap humor. "Foxavier and Plinka" is a kaleidoscope of everything that is wrong with us as a species, and everything that's right with us as well..."

    Read sample chapters on the Scott Talbot Evans author page on WordPress https://ScottTalbotEvans.wordpress.com

    A quirky man goes through a series of counseling programs, encounters many zany characters, and eventually meets the love of his life.
    His struggle with diets is constantly being sabotaged by incessant junk food commercials, which star The Pretty Pie Girl, corporate mascot of globe-dominating corporation, Food United Chemical Technologies.
    In one of their candy factories, a mouse runs across a control panel, changing the setting on a machine, thus producing a batch of Ga-Ga-Roos containing way too much tri-benzene-deliciouside.
    When the drugged cookies are released onto store shelves all over the world, the big question becomes: Who will unknowingly eat one of these psychosis causing confections?

    ISBN-13: 978-1545331774 ASIN: B075ZLZZ58
    Release date 11/9/17
    260 Pages 72,000 words


    KINDLE BUY PAGE 246pages
    Free with Kindle Unlimited!

    CATEGORY literature/ fiction/ humor/ satire/ dark comedy/ literary/ urban fantasy

    May I e-mail you a FREE mobi or pdf?

    Scott Talbot Evans

    Rochester NY

  6. Dear Country Reads,

    My name is Emmanuella Hristova and I'm contacting you to review my recently self-published poetry collection, "The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder".

    "The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder" is a short collection of poems that explores a tumultuous year of love, heartbreak and unimaginable loss. It documents the birth and death of a relationship, and the death of my sister. Each poem is an emotional time-stamp that plunges the reader into the depths of my feelings as they burgeon and wane. The book reads like a diary and chronicles the boundaries of the things that we all feel: passion, heartache, and pain that gives way to hope.

    This is my debut poetry collection and my first self-published work. I first published in April, 2018. It's about 50 pages. Although the book only has a few reviews so far, it's rated a 4.5 on Amazon and 4.0 on Goodreads. It's available via eBook on Amazon, iBooks, barnesandnoble.com, Bookshout, Kobo, and Lulu for $3.99.

    If you're willing to read and review my book, I'd be more than happy to send you a free ePub, mobi or PDF copy via email at ehristova@berkeley.edu

    To read some more of my poetry, feel free to view my Instagram account at http://www.instagram.com/emmy_speaks and my website at http://www.ehristova.com.

    I want to thank you so much for your time, and sincerely hope you take the time to read and review my work. I look forward to hearing from you.



  7. Hello,

    I have just published a super hero romance trilogy called “The Persistence of Memory.” They are available as e-books through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple i-books. The paperback copies and author website are also forthcoming.

    I am writing to request a review for either Book 1 or the series. I’ve included a summary of Book 1, and a link to the Amazon and Goodreads pages where the books can be found. If you are interested in reviewing the book, I can provide you with an e-book.

    Thanks so much for your consideration. I can be reached most easily at karen@bluelotusyogafordepression.com


    The Persistence of Memory Book 1: Deja Vu

    When superheroes fall in love, anything can happen.

    Daniel Hecht doesn’t belong in this century. Catapulted into the present from 1943, he’s out of place and out of touch. Still, he was the American war hero called “Lionheart” and his heroism has followed him into the modern world. He now leads an underground group of superpowered misfits, but the misfit he keeps turning to is Nina Asher.

    Nina has a vast knowledge of history, yet no idea who she is or where she’s from. She has become the target of dangerous creatures that have appeared all over the world. As she and Daniel work to decipher an ancient, cryptic myth, they experience flashbacks to things that never could have happened. They are falling in love, but there’s something they’re sure they need to remember, and it’s keeping them apart.

    The key to saving the world may begin with the act of remembering.