Monday, April 20, 2015


         Brody lost his wife in a bomb 4 years ago and has been mourning her ever since. Fallon is a bad girl with a serious ex-boyfriend problem.
         This books had lots and lots of action in it. With Fallon's ex trying to all the wrong ways to win her back and Brody having an over zealous admirer.  There were plenty of sexy scenes though and that was a huge plus. I think my husband really enjoyed me reading this one.
         Being a woman with a lot of piercings and tattoos I understand where Fallon is coming from when she is worried that people will judge her based on nothing but her appearance, but we all know that woman like that just have a lot of fun.
         You also get to explore the bond between two people and just how they can get the other one to do what they want without even really trying. Brandy has diffidently done it again with this one. I often say that she is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and she has.
        The way she writes her characters it makes them come to life and you just want to leap into the pages and live with them. You want to become part of their life and when you finish one of her books you honestly suffer from one hell of a book hangover.
        I am gonna very quickly start on the next one in the serious, so that I don't have to deal with this feeling for to long. I can not wait to see what else happens in Edenton.

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