Thursday, April 30, 2015

Falling Into Place

Romance, action, adventure and an s.o.b. that just won't die! You get that and so much more when you read Liz, Robert and Tremaine's story.
You ever just wanna fake your own death and be done with all the people in your life? Well Liz has done just that and has been in hiding for the last 21 years that is until Robert has to come find her because of an evil threat to her life. She has fallen in love with someone else by then but of course she can never forget the love that her and Robert shared so maybe the three of them can make it work.
It was nice to be able to find out all of Liz's past and why she was always hiding from people. All I can say to Brandy is, as long as you keep writing them you will have at least one person that will continue to read them.

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