Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shadows of the Past

We have all had that one boyfriend that we just had to let go and they just didn't take it very well. Take that boyfriend and add in some evil shadow and you will start to understand Amethyst's story. We move farther into Edenton with this book and you get to find out about the grumpy Sheriff from book 1.
There is only one thing wrong with Hayden and that is the fact that he is overly protective. If he was a mother I would call him a helicopter mom, but it isn't in a creepy kind of way. He loves her and just wants to let her know that. I can understand that, as a mom I deal with those emotions everyday. The truth is though is that you can't keep your loved ones in a bubble or they will start to resent you for it.
Thankfully Hayden came to his senses before it was to late and the love between them leap off of the pages.
The love scenes in this are AMAZING, and my husband says to thank Brandy when I get a chance. Haha I am so thankful that my journey in Edenton is not over because I really truly want to see Dacia fall in love. I feel so sorry for her, first Brody and now Hayden can she please have her happy ending. Well it is off to sleep for this girl and I know what my dreams will be made of tonight and probably for quit a few nights from now on.

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