Thursday, May 28, 2015

A night in the life of a reader

   Its time! I can't believe it! It is time to read again. All I have to do is put the kids to bed and I can go live in my fantasy world again. Oh the lead character is played by Johnny Depp in my head and of course I am his ever faithful woman. Wait someone has to pee. Is that the phone? Ok 30 minutes later and everyone is asleep. That means, I CAN READ!!!
             I am now sitting in my chair ready to crack open that kindle and get my read on. I have been waiting for this all day long. I should really fix me a drink before I start, oh and a snack sounds good, might as well go the restroom while I am up.
             Ok I am sitting right now! Wait that isn't comfy enough to read a couple chapters. Now I am laying in bed. 1 chapter down!
  Now I have a foot on the floor an arm in the chair and half my body on the bed.
                        2 chapters down
   Gotta pee again, might as well get another drink
                        3 chapters down
  I really should get to bed, I have children and even though they got to stay up late tonight they will still be up early in the morning
                        6 chapters down                                                                                                             Oh look an infomercial is on TV.What time do those come on anyway?
                         9 chapters down
  The morning news? If I go to sleep right now I can get an hour in before the kids get up.
                        Book FINISHED.
  I have to pick out what I am gonna read next so that I can look forward to it.
                       Book 2 picked out                                                                                                      Close eyes, please just hurry up and fall asleep if your lucky you can get 15 minutes in
                        "Mommy what's for breakfast"

This isn't every night but it happens at least once a week. I wouldn't change it for anything though. When I open my kindle and read I can be anything and anyone I wanna be. I can travel to far off lands and do exotic things. Where else will magical creatures fight for and over me? I have yet to find that comfy spot to read in but that will not stop me. Hope the kids like sleep deprived Mommy, but then again if I don't pass anything on to them I hope I pass on my love for reading. Now seeing as it is 2:30 a.m and I have not picked out my next book yet, I should go so that I can get that done. I think it will be vampires and witches this time.

                                                                                                HAPPY READING

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