Sunday, May 3, 2015

Breaking Free Review

By this point we know the people of Edenton pretty well and we have fallen in love with most of them. We want to see them all happy.  This one is all about Jamie, You know the empath whose twin sister is married to the alpha. A dream walker has came and visited Jamie in her dreams and he is the perfect man for her, or has she likes to call him her Dream-man.
Breaking Free is more action then sex and I kind of liked that. It still had the hot romance and the I need you up against the wall right now hotness to it but it was more emotional and action filled. I have spent the last month reading nothing but Brandy Rivers so this was a nice little break. My husband was starting to think of me as a little nymph after reading all of these love affairs. We are not done though and there at least 2 more to go. 
There are a couple of characters that I would like to read more about. Hopefully in the ones coming up I can get some answers if not I will be knocking on Brandy's door asking some questions. 

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