Monday, May 25, 2015


                     The Muse, were nine Greek goddesses who ruled over the arts and sciences, They would give people inspiration. Think the little person sitting on Leonardo da Vinci's shoulder giving him ideas for all of his paintings. That is a muse.  They are literally pure inspiration for people, and it doesn't have to be just in the arts, you could need inspiration for anything. Want to ask that cute girl out, or maybe that hot guy that you really wanna have a cup of coffee with? The muse would help you.
                    Now imagine that those nine goddess had children. Of course the children they had would have children and so on and so forth. Of course some of those children and children's children would have some of the same inspirational powers as the original nine, Kind of like you having the same red hair as your great great great great grandmother, yet no one else in the family has red hair, Same concept.
                   Anna is one of those descendants, so she can "influence" you and give you that little push that you need to get things done. Because she has so much pull with people you could imagine that some people would want to use her and not for good things either. In walks Daniel, her guardian. He would walk through burning coals to make sure that Anna is safe and he just may do that.
                Being a mother I find it hard sometimes to find books that I would feel comfortable letting my children read. This is one that would feel happy about my children reading. While you can feel the love coming off the pages it isn't sexual love. I can not wait to read the next one in the serious. I hope you all go pick you up a copy and enjoy it as much as I did. 

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