Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bayou Stix Series Review

Bayou Stix is the hottest band in history. Their onstage presence, chemistry with fans, and God-given talent have made this rock band, based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a household name, but the real stories are the way into their hearts. 
Meet the band/entourage: 
Alluring Turmoil, Book 1- Jude Delecroix, Lead Singer, and Alexia Sloane. 
Alluring Seduction, Book 2- Jessie Adams, Lead Guitarist, and Blue Delaney. 
Alluring Ties, A Bayou Stix Novella. Book 2.5 Bayou Stix- Erik Jensen, Bradi St. James, and Micah Stevens. 
Alluring Temptation, Book 3- Liam Christianson, Rhythm Guitarist, and Clove Rodrigue. 
Alluring Infatuation, Book 4- Dade Rodrigue, Bass Guitarist, and Melonie Bird. 
Alluring Surrender, Book 5- Cruz Edwards, Drummer, and Tifanie Jeffries- Bellaforte. 
The band made them famous, but the love of those who captured their hearts is what makes them unforgettable. 
The Internationally Bestselling Bayou Stix Series… Not your typical rockers… 
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This is a box set made up of 5 full length novels and 1 novelette. I am so happy that this came as a complete set or I would have had to wait even longer then the seconds I had to. I am usually not into these stories but they sucked me in and I just couldn't stop reading. 

Lexi had her heart broken by her high school love and has never gotten over it. Jude also had his heart broken by his high school love and has not gotten over it. After 8 years they finally find each other again and the sparks fly. The feels factor in this was high and I felt so bad for the both of them. You want them to figure out how much they love each other instead of push each other away. I found myself so mad at Jude and feeling so sorry for Lexi.
Blue and Jessie hate each other. You can feel the tension leap off the pages and you just know that the sex between these two is gonna be explosive and Skye Turner does not disappoint when it comes to the steamy scenes with these two.
Micah, Bradi and Eric have been friends forever and it was nice after hearing so much from them in book 1 and 2 to have their story. While I am usually not into the m/m sex scenes the way these were written it almost made me want to be a gay man. 
Clove and Liam's story hits close to home for me. Clove loved the wrong man and ended up pregnant. Liam is her knight in shining armour, they just don't know it. It was refreshing to here about a man that was okay with being the man that took over when the other man is a total douche.
Dade and Melonie, you ever meet someone that you just can't get out of your head? Dade did just that and can not get this woman out of his head. Melonie just happens to be his baby sisters ob/gyn. I wanted these two to get together so much. Dade is always the strong one in the group and totally deserved to love and be loved and he found his match with Melonie.
Cruz has so many demons and I felt so sorry for him. I wanted to jump into the pages and just wrap my arms around him and never let go. Luckily he had Tifanie. He holds the weight of the world on his shoulders. He believes that he will turn into some demon and you feel so sorry for him. Cruz's story was actually my favorite and I would love to hear more from him.
I am so glad that I got this series and took the time to read them. The sex scenes were steamy without being vulgar and you find yourself wanting to be part of their lives. I can not wait to start on some more of Mrs.Turners novels.

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