Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chasing The Dragon Review

Remember Alex Burnham from The Beautiful Mess series? Well he has a brother, Tyler. Tyler is just as handsome and maybe even more messed up then Alex.
Mackenzie is in hiding, has been for years because of something her father may have done.Will Tyler be able to help her?
Tyler went through one of the worst things in the world when the woman he thought he loved more then anything was murdered. He has done everything in his power so he doesn't have to feel anything anymore. The wall around his heart is so thick that no one should be able to break though. That is until he gets an assignment to find out information about a certain man. To find out this information he has to get close to this man's daughter.
Mackenzie has a schedule, every minute of every day is planned out and nothing will stop her from following that schedule. That is until she meets Tyler.
The sex in this is uber hot and the action will keep you on your toes. Ms.Leigh knows exactly what to say to keep you on your toes. I would recommend that you stop what you are doing and go buy this right now. I am gonna patiently sit in my corner until the next one comes out. Will Tyler and Mackenzie get together? Will they find out the truth? Will Alex stop being such a dick?

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