Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Columbine Review

This book is an account of facts leading up the April 20th 1999 tragedy. It details the events of the day and investigation afterwards. This book was not an easy read. It's easy to get lost in all the facts that are presented. It's easy to get confused. It took me longer to read this book then most books I read. I felt the author jumped around between story lines and it seemed he often repeated himself. However the last half of the book had me glued to each page. I found myself needing to hear how the survivors came out ten years later. I was upset that the book does not talk about all the victims in detail. It really only covers a few people. I would have liked to hear more about the other families of victims and how they dealt with the tragedy. I was surprised at how the investigation was handled and how much it was mishandled. It really brought to light how the police force was really not prepared for this event. I found myself feeling bad for the killers parents. Who the Columbine community blamed for their sons actions. I also found myself mad that the police let these boys slip through the cracks. Although I do not believe there was any help for Eric Harris. He was born a crazy killer. This book will make you want to homeschool your children. It will help you to understand why our schools have security now and still need more. This book will open your eyes.although it's a hard read I still feel the book is a good read.

*Review by Charity Reed*

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