Sunday, July 26, 2015

Unbound Desires in Seattle Review


The first in a multiple part novelette serial series. Not recommended for readers under 18. 

Kyle Whitehead is a sorcerer/vampire mix whom recently came unbound. With the help of Elsie Gilmore, a fae/vampire mix, he’s hunting unbound who cause chaos and put innocents in danger. 

When the two end up in Seattle, they encounter unbound being Daniel who makes them question everything they thought they know. They must decide who is the real enemy, and fight their growing lust for one another, while protecting the world from the truly evil beings…whoever they may be.

I am so glad that we are following Kyle now. We first met him in the White Aura series, but we really didn't get to know him and now we can. This is a novelette so it isn't gonna be that long. The characters are very well written and take on a life of their own. You almost want to jump in the book with them, but they get into some pretty scary situations so that is a no go. Felicia has a way of speaking to you through her writing and this one is no different.  The Unbound series is gonna be so awesome and I can not wait to read them all.

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