Monday, July 10, 2017

Mona Moore Spotlight

Mona Moore has always dreamed of becoming a writer.  From the moment she picked up her very first romance novel at the tender age of twelve, she was hooked.  As Mona got older and more ambitious, she wrote her first Young Adult novel, which promptly got devoured by her temperamental Hewlett-Packard. Since then, she's learned a lot about crafting an engaging story to captivate readers - and how to back up her work to avoid utter devastation at the hands of technology.

Mona lives mostly in her head but calls beautiful Canada her home.  She spends her days baking, coloring with her minions, and of course, weaving a tall tale (which usually includes tons of gratuitous nudity and sinfully sexy men).

Her favorite things include sharing a scotch with the real man of her dreams (her husband), reading up on the competition, taking excellent care of her family, and food.

What genre do you write?
I am and Erotic Romance Author.

Which actress/actor would you like seeing play the lead in your book?
For The Criminally Yours Series: Blake, I see him as a Jensen Ackles type.  Allison would be, Jessica Biel.  For The Dr. Feelgood Series: Charles, Chris Pine!  Scarlett would be Amy Adams or Isla Fisher!

What type of books do you read?
I read whatever captures my fancy.  I like Erotica, Romance, Paranormal, Horror, Crime Fiction, etc.  If the story grabs me, I read it.

Any favourite authors?
I have quite a few, Kim Harrison, Deborrah Harkness, and J.R. Ward are up there for me.

Do you think that book covers are important?
Yes!  I know it sounds shallow, but I've always been able to tell a good book by it's cover :p.  It's true.  If the cover is eye-catching, it's a pretty good indication that the inside is just as delicious as it's outside.

What is your favourite book?
My all-time favorite book is Gone with the Wind and The Hollows Series by Kim Harrison.

What do you use as inspiration?
Stock Photos are a fun way to get inspired!  I like looking at the models and creating stories for them.  Music is also very inspiring for me.  I can build and entire novel around a song.

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Creative, thoughtful, and patient.

At what age were you, or what event happened, when you knew you loved writing and you were good at it?
I always loved reading and books, but it was in grade school that my teachers recognized I had creative writing skills and encouraged me to persue writing.  By the time I was in High School, my dream of becoming a published author was in full swing!  I was finally able to make that dream come true in January 2017 when I published my first book, Breaking in - Book One of The Criminally Yours Series.

Do you base your characters on real people or are they completely imagined?
Most of my male characters have quite a bit of my husband in them.  They’re usually blue eyed and blond haired, like my husband and his quirks show up in my Hero’s more often than not.  

What authors have inspired you along the way?
Christine Monroe, M.M. Laberge, Cassidy London, LK Farlow, KC Enders, Derek Adams, Jayda Iris, Susan Meachen, J.A. Lafrance to name a few.  The list goes on and on.  I have met so many wonderful people in the writing community and they have all inspired me at different times in one way or another.  I'm very fortunate to have met them.

What is your favourite quote or line from a book?
“Go to sleep, baby, Mama will sing. Of blue butterflies, and dragonfly wings. Moonlight and sunbeams, raiment so fine. Silver and gold, for baby of mine. Go to sleep, baby. Sister will tell, of wolves and of lambs, and demons who fell.” - Kim Harrison BLACK MAGIC SANCTION

Besides writing what do you enjoy doing?
I'm a big crocheter!  I love making things with my hands. I also love to cook!

Do you have any signings coming up?
No, I do not, but here's to perhaps being a part of L'Amour Montreal in 2019!

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