Tuesday, April 14, 2015


          I started reading this expecting for the mythology to be wrong, and I was pleasantly surprised. Ms.Burks did her research on this and she did a great job at it. This isn't my normal genre and I was worried going into it that I wouldn't like it because of that. Yet again I was wrong. If you ask Robin what genre she writes she will tell you it is a mash up of romance, historical and horror and I am sure a couple more I forgot to add. She is right is is a mash up but a good one.
          It took me longer to read this then it normally does and that is mostly because life got in the way. but it was still a great read and it would call to me.
          If you know anything about Greek mythology you know that Zeus is all powerful, but what if a mortal took that power? Alex is a private investigator that has to figure out what happened to a very powerful figure head in the town she lives in. We follow her into the depths of Hell and back to get the answers that she needs, If you like reading about the gods and goddess then this is the story for you and I will be starting the next one soon.

                              (P.S. It is thanks to Robin Burks that I started this blog, she inspired me when I met her at ConGt *middle Tennessee's only Doctor Who convention)

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