Monday, April 6, 2015

Accepting Fate


               Fate- be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way.  What is your fate? Could it be to have children, fall in love, or maybe be the head of a company? Mike's fate is to be a very powerful druid that can shift into different animals. 
               Michael Nights has been fighting his fate for years until now when he can no longer bottle up the tiger inside and with Gwen's help he will be able to release it. There are people that want to tap into his very new to him powers and use them for evil. Will they be able to stop these people before it is to late?
                Brandy is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. She has the perfect balance of sex, romance  and action. Accepting Fate is number three in the Others of Seattle books and I really hope not the last. 
                  Gwen and Mike have the type of relationship we all wish for and some of us have had. What you think will be nothing more then a one night stand turns into so much more when Gwen is assigned to teach Mike how to wrangle in his beast. Mike has an ex-girlfriend though and she hurt Mike bad, and that could stop him from embracing who he really is.  His ex Amanda (thank you for that Brandy, I hated myself during the whole book) has a problem she is trying to drown away magic and she does this drugs. She quickly becomes an addict and so much more,
                 Amanda's brother Cole wants Mike for something else and that would be his untapped power. He tries using Amanda to get to Mike and that back fires on him. Mike ends up killing Cole but something else may have gotten loose in the process, something worse. Gwen wants Mike to be sure that it is her he wants and runs away leaving Mike to chase her down and prove that it is her he loves. 
                  If you want to know more, I would suggest reading this. If you don't want to know more I would still suggest reading this. Accepting Fate is well written and a great story. Brandy is great at transporting you to another world and I can not wait for her to transport me again. 


  1. :) thank you. And no, it's not the last. I'm working on Changing Destiny right now. That's Scotty's book. Before that comes out late this summer, I'll have a novella out that gives a little background on him. that will be in Romancing the Paranormal in May

  2. Oh, and lol, sorry about Amanda. That was purely unintentional